I'm the creative force capturing timeless moments at the intersection of love and artistry. Based in Southern California, my journey as a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer has been a pursuit of passion, taking me to breathtaking locations and intimate celebrations. With an unyielding commitment to craftsmanship, I specialize in weaving the unique narratives of couples into visual masterpieces.

I'm Laura, a destination wedding  photogrAPHER
Based out of beautiful San Diego, California!

to capture beautiful, timeless photos for you to love & treasure forever

What I vow to my couples:

As your visual storyteller, I embark on a journey with you, dedicated to preserving the authenticity of your love!

Every click of my camera is an ode to your unique story, from intimate elopements to grand weddings.

Meet Laura, a talented photographer with over 12 years of experience, and her wonderful husband, Guy. Together, they have journeyed through 28 years of marriage. Both born and raised in Southern California, their love story took a charming twist when they met in Utah at a Sundance work Christmas party. While it wasn't love at first sight, it was pretty darn close. They have three beautiful kids, a handsome son-in-law, and the sassiest, most fun granddaughter. Laura is also a new 'chicken mom,' a passion that might seem strange to some but has become her feathered obsession.

Laura's photography career began as a way to cope with the sudden loss of her beautiful mother in the late summer of 2010. What started as a means of healing has turned into an amazing journey and career that she absolutely loves and is immensely grateful for. As a wedding photographer, one of Laura's favorite aspects is witnessing and capturing emotional moments, guiding couples with posing, and all the in-between moments. Her goal on your wedding day is to help you feel calm, confident, and beautiful, creating timeless and stunning photos for you to love and treasure.

If you're looking to add a standout video package to your elopement or wedding day, Laura's daughter Rio and her husband Tane are a very talented duo and team. They often work side by side with Laura, sharing similar visions and styles, to make your wedding vision seamless and your expectations a reality.

Laura and her team would love to be a part of your amazing day. Whether you are planning a quaint backyard wedding, an elopement with just the two of you, or if your dream wedding takes you across the world, they will be there for you and with you. With experience, creative talent, love, and care, they will serve you and capture your day beautifully.

My lens captures the essence of your unique story, one click at a time.

I am OBSESSED w/traveling! L.O.V.E it so much, makes me feel alive & I love to learn about different cultures, & explore our beautiful world!

Italy has my heart! I am 56% Northern Italian & everytime I am there I feel like it’s my home away from home.

My family immigrated from Buenos Aires, Argentina a few years before I was born, & I speak spanish fluently.

When our kids were growing up we lived on the soccer pitch! All 3 played competitive soccer & even though it pretty much took over our lives, it was worth it!

I love my chickens! I live in the suburbs but somehow convinced my husband to build me a chicken coop! I love my girls (hens:) so much & love the colorful eggs they lay for me...but my hubby still will only eat store bought eggs?! Crazy!

I DEFINITELY am not a morning person…...so please don’t plan a sunrise elopement, haha. I'm also not a coffee girl, but I love Chai+Matcha! There’s a good chance when we meet I’ll be holding one in my hand!

here's some fun facts about me:

This is Gza Gza

Your love story, beautifully told through captivating imagery.


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